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Bunker buoy has existed since 2012, but Neil Miller CEO has had over 35 years in the venture capital markets. In that time, he has invested in dozens of companies and taken them public in different market places around the world. He has experience as a stock broker and as a bond trader in emerging markets and understands how to take measured risk.



Direct Energy holds key technology in Solid Oxide Fuel Cells for Clean Power Generation + Solid Oxide Electrolyser Cells for the production of Green Hydrogen.

Our mission is to play a core enabling role in reducing carbon emissions to help deliver a zero-emission world through the application of our Solid Oxide Cell IP.

Onsite clean power generation and green hydrogen production for Utilities and Commerce & Industry. Carbon dioxide recycling. Syngas generation.


NQ Minerals has a mission to acquire and develop a portfolio of productive mining assets based in Australia, with the aim of delivering significant shareholder value in the short, medium and long term.

NQ Minerals operations are in Australia. NQ commenced base metal and precious metal production in 2018 at its 100% owned flagship Hellyer Gold Mine in Tasmania. Hellyer has a published JORC compliant Mineral Resource (updated for mining depletion since the start of reprocessing operations until August 2020) estimated at 7.57 Mt which is host to Gold at 2.60 g/t Au for 633,600 oz Au, Silver at 94 g/t Ag for 22,873,600 oz Ag, Lead at 3.01% Pb for 228,000 tonnes, and Zinc at 2.33% Zn for 176,700 tonnes.

In addition to these resources, the Hellyer assets include a large mill facility and full supporting infrastructure, including a direct rail line to port. The Company is also planning to re-open the historic high-grade Beaconsfield Gold Mine in Tasmania, which has a JORC (2012) compliant Mineral Resource Estimate of 1.454 Mt at 10.3 g/t Au for 483,000 ounces of gold.


InterGroup Mining Limited creates, delivers, and captures value through accelerating the value of highly anomalous mining tenements that have shown outstanding qualities in terms of mineralisation and geology. With new gold discovery and low cost production, we have an effective strategy.

InterGroup Mining Limited, an Australian company, together with it’s wholly owned subsidiary Jodo Gold Pty Ltd, has a major gold exploration project located in North Queensland, Australia, approximately 250 kilometers from the major seaport of Townsville, west of Charters Towers, and immediately north of the high gold bearing district of Pentland.


Energy Storage Pty Ltd is an Australian Company driven by zero emission, clean energy, and thermal technologies. We overcome real-world problems for industry today - focused on value and the global transition to clean, affordable energy - to help tackle climate change and improve air quality.

In doing so, In so doing our mission is to deliver highly predictable, long-term annuity revenue streams through the provision of our IP protected, zero emission, turn-key clean energy power generation and energy storage solutions.

We partner with the best and are focused on serving a niche of astute customers, including large-scale industrial, renewable energy companies and utilities.


Axitan, a budding start-up, is one of the few companies in the world developing microalgae-based biotechnologies for agricultural applications.

The single-celled green alga Chlamydomonas reinhardtii is highly nutritious. It is rich in proteins, lipids, carbohydrates, pigments, vitamins and minerals. It is also free from endotoxins, viral, and prion contaminants compared to other production hosts.

It therefore is the ideal platform to produce, naturally encapsulate, and deliver useful recombinant.

Bunker Buoy does not give investment advice, and anyone interested in our companies should speak to their financial advisor.