Helping entrepreneurs
fulfil their potential

What we do

Bunker Buoy Venture Capital sites in the market place where entrepreneurs come with their projects and are unable to get funding from the usual institutions. We back the role in the next stage of development, we invest in the companies infrastructure that is required to build and grow a business.


Every company needs a business plan and a vison, they need to understand the best use of resources, time, and money. We will help develop this for the companies we work with.



When building a business and company, who you engage with is paramount. Many companies spend years building relationships with people and businesses that will be no use to their future growth whatsoever. We make sure the people and companies we hook you up with are the correct strategic alliances you need because a strategic alliance is made to be mutually beneficial for both parties – not just one.

Many businesses in the technology sector have no assets to secure funding, that’s where we help. Also if you are a mining and exploration company very few institutions will take the risk in trying to find the big prize, if we like the company and the people, we will back it, and have a very good track record in doing so.

We fill the void in the market place, and will take the risk for the reward at the end of it.



At the beginning, many companies will take on very expensive debt to help start their project as no other funding may be available. We have expertise in debt restructuring which will reduce the interest payable on existing debt. We also structure instruments, such as convertible loan notes, corporate bonds, debt for equity swap; all of which will change the kind of debt you have in place.


As the company grows, there will come a time that the investment need may be much bigger than we can provide and more investment is required. Once we have helped raise further funds for you as mentioned in debt restructuring and debt origination, we will manage the relationships that the company has with the new investors. This is often overlooked, but it's a very valuable and important part of what we do.

Bunker Buoy does not give investment advice, and anyone interested in our companies should speak to their financial advisor.